Monday, March 21, 2011

The Dhofar Region

 At the beach.

 The whole SIT group.

 More beach.

 Mountain at the beach.

 Outside Taqah, the town where HM Sultan Qaboos was born.

 View of Taqah from a nearby cliff.

 Another view of Taqah.

 Khor Rori. Over the hill is a place known as "the Valley of the Witches". It's closed off and guarded by the government. People feel very strongly about witchcraft here. Many people have experienced things themselves, but everyone has a friend whose cousin's uncle's best friend's roommate, etc. etc. has seen a witch or witnessed very strange events (ropes standing on end, streams disappearing into mountains, etc.).

 View of the town of Sumhuram, a World Heritage site. It was an old frankincense port that dates back to 300 BCE.

 Another view of Sumhuram.

 Ethan and me with Mohammed, our Dhofari friend I will be spending a lot of time with during my research period.

 Ships waiting for access to Salalah Port.

 A ship unloads its cargo in the Port.

 Salalah Port deals with 5 million tons of shipping per year.

 Stopping by the side of the road to drink fresh coconut milk. He literally cut the top off with a machete and put a straw in it.

 Some of the group enjoying their coconuts.

Roadside fruit stands in Salalah. Salalah is known for its fantastic bananas. I ate about nine. They're delicious.

A frankincense tree. Dhofar is one of 3 places in the world where frankincense grows, and it is known to have the best in the world. Frankincense can also be found in Somalia and Yemen.

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