Friday, March 11, 2011

Nizwa and the Interior

Walking towards the ruins of old Birkat al-Mouz, the town where the University of Nizwa is located.

Carefully exploring the ruins in the very hot sun.

Walking in a date oasis in Birkat al-Mouz.

Goats hijacked our picnic on our way up Jabal Shems, the tallest mountain in the Gulf region...stupid goats..

View from the top of Jabal Shems.

 Lots of tiny fish nibbled the dead skin off our feet at a spring outside Muscat (for free).

 Me, enjoying the fish on my feet.

 A massir-tying session with our student hosts at the University of Nizwa.

A small part of Nahla Fort in the city of Nahla. It took 3 pictures to capture the whole view of the fort.

View from the East Tower of Nahla Fort.

View across Nizwa Fort with a mosque in the background.

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