Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Back in Salalah

I've moved down to Salalah, the capitol of the Dhofar region in the south, to do research for my capstone project about the civil war that was here from 1965-1975. I live in a flat on a busy street in a commercial part of town. There's a lot of activity and it's a fun place to be.
The weather is hot. Upper 80s is considered mild, and the sun is blazing. I'm sunburn-free, but this is only my second full day here. In fact, the weather is so hot that "hot" has become "cold" and "cold" is now "hot." Let me explain:
Water is stored in tanks on the roofs of buildings or in hot water heaters. The sun heats up the "cold" water on the roof more than the water in the heater. So if you want to take a warm shower in the morning, turn on the blue faucet, not the red.
Anyway, all is well in Oman, and more specifically in Salalah. Though it's close to Yemen, it isn't IN Yemen. Think of it as living in El Paso, right across the border from Ciudad Juarez, which is one of the most dangerous cities in the world. Close to a dangerous spot? Yes. In a dangerous spot? No.
No need to worry! I'll try and put up some pictures soon.

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