Sunday, April 17, 2011

Salalah So Far

 My apartment building. Al-Rehab (pronounced like al reehob) means something along the lines of big open spaces, not a detox center.

 Camel meat hangs, waiting to be cooked by the guy on the right. Probably not up to Health Department standards, but still delicious.

 Me playing chess against a bunch of jabbali (mountain people) guys in a random jabbali village searching for people to interview. The match was dubbed "Oman vs. America." It was a really good game. I lost in the end, but we each only had 2 pieces on the board.

 Camels roaming along the road up in the mountains.

 View of the Indian Ocean from up in the mountains.

 A camel walks the streets of Raysut, not following traffic signs.

A random group of guys sitting around in Raysut (about 130 km from Salalah). I interviewed one for my research, though he's not in this picture. The guy in the middle is 90 years old, and spent most of the time I was there cleaning his toenails with a 5-6 inch knife.

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