Friday, April 29, 2011

More Salalah II

View out my apartment window on a rainy day.

Flooding outside Salalah. See the guys securing the telephone poles? A few were already gone.

Another view of the flood.

At the fish market. Role up your pants if you don't want blood on them.

Catch of the day.

A butcher cuts meat amazingly fast with his toes.

Cows' heads casually laying on the ground.

A group of extremely friendly old men sit outside the fish market armed to the teeth for no reason. The culture here is very tribal and "manly", but a WWII-era rifle is basically a fashion statement.

Boogie-boarding in the Indian Ocean. Easily the biggest waves I've swam in - some were probably 10 feet high. (I'm riding the wave on the far right.)

I successfully ride a wave in to shore.

Getting our butts kicked by the surf. We felt like margaritas, we were so salty.

Dusk on the beach.

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